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ChiSpend - Your crypto, your way!

👀  pssst! Imagine this. what if we could spend our crypto and tokens on real-life products and services without even leaving our crypto wallet app? well, we’ll hold on to that thought.


It's official, that the world of blockchain has presented the world with a digital currency, this has overall created varieties on how commodities are valued and exchanged. Crypto wallet apps and trading platforms have given us the flexibility to keep and exchange cryptocurrency without barriers, but spending this currency in most parts of the world is challenging as most e-commerce platforms only accept fiat payments or a limited cryptocurrency and even more platforms have yet to integrate crypto payments. - But not anymore!
Lead product designer
Crypto wallets - (Mobile)
2021 - 2022

🤑 A new way to spend

ChiSpend ( 🗣️  say cheee spend) - is a Super embedded App that unleashes the utility of crypto and tokens. ChiSpend allows you to instantly shop and spend effortlessly from your favourite crypto wallets and apps without leaving the app.

🔎 Opportunity

Our research identified 3 core struggles crypto holders face when trying to spend
💰 The flexibility of Payment.
Most e-commerce platforms either didn't support crypto payments or had limited cryptocurrency options
🌐  Variety of products and services.
Shoppers limited options for products that could be bought with crypto.
🛒  End-to-end shopping experience.
Shoppers had a disjointed shopping experience when paying with crypto and couldn't shop as they normally would for other products.

Design Iterations

Since ChiSpend is an embedded app within crypto wallets, and most wallets had multiple UI themes, I then explored colour themes for it.
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Final Designs

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Smooth shopping experience 🤩

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Easy payment options within wallet apps 🤑

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Design Handoff and documentation.

I worked closely with product managers and engineers to validate design implementation. Along with daily standups.
I also documented features and revisions using google docs.
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After months of hard work, ChiSpend was launched 🤸🏽‍♀️

Video preview

ChiSpend is still receiving a lot of love 🥰

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Thank you.

If you've scrolled this far, thank you for taking the time to read about my design decisions and solutions in response. If you'd like to talk more about the project, or just chat, please reach out!