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Metaward - Get paid for work in the metaverse.

Welcome to the new dispensation! the era of seamless payments across the metaverse.
Metaward is a payment gateway to receive and send payments on and off the Metaverse. Create a payment request and cash out to crypto, airtime, mobile money, gift cards and banks in countries and metaverses.
Lead product designer
Responsive web app
2021 - 2022

📜  Research storytime!

Joe 👨🏽‍💼 (Businessman in Kenya) contacts Dana 🧑🏻‍🎨  (Artist in the united states)for a commissioned art project for his new coffee shop. Dana works her magic and sends over the fantastic art pieces.
A problem now arises with payment options. Joe can’t find a suitable payment gateway to send funds over to Dana. The popular payment option in Kenya is mobile money - a digital money wallet attached to a mobile phone number, Sending payment over Dana with mobile money proved difficult with several delays, inconsistent currency conversions and third-party applications.
From this scenario, we outline the following problems:
  • Few options for sending international payments to countries that support mobile money.
  • Inconsistent currency conversion.
  • Money getting lost with multiple third-party applications.
We gathered more scenarios from which we outlined more problems:
  • Delay in sending over international payments from local banks.
  • Limited cashout options (crypto, airtime, gift cards).

🔎  Opportunity

notion image
With Metaward we simplified the payment process from two points of view
  • Sender
  • Receiver
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🎨  Final designs

The receiver sends a payment request to the sender.
notion image
notion image
The sender can initiate payment from the payment request.
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