Template: User Persona

The following persona template has all the major ingredients you need to create a user persona you can use to fuel design activities in a meaningful way.
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<em>"If I don't understand what my customers do, I can't do anything for them."</em>
Name: Sarah Cheung (she / her)
Role: Product Lead for Anchor @ Spotify
Age: 32
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Status: Single
Location: West Hollywood, CA


Bio 🤳

Sarah is a product lead for Spotify's latest acquisition, Anchor - a mobile podcasting platform. She is leading the transition and assuming ownership of the product and with that comes new learning curve. Sarah is new to podcast production and is looking to rally her cross functional team by conducting user research that builds empathy for her customers - creators of podcasts so that she can integrate the product and map new product development with confidence and meaning.

Role + Tasks + Goals 🛠️

As a
I want to
So that
Better understand my customers
podcasters will prefer to publish more content on our platform.

Responsibilities 💼

  • Lead the acquisition and integration of Anchor's product into the Spotify family.
  • Create and share common understanding of a podcaster's workflow.
  • Establish a roadmap for product integration and product differentiation to establish Spotify as the leading platform for podcasts.
  • Identify and groom talent across both Spotify's incumbent team and Anchor's acquired talent to form a new product leadership going forward.

Pain points 📌

  • Getting everyone on the same page.
  • New to the podcasting world and there's lots to learn about the customer segment of podcast hosts / producers.
  • Integrating in leadership from Anchor into Spotify's culture.

Core Needs 🧱

  • Share knowledge base and collaborate with the team on shaping the product going forward.
  • Conduct user research with podcasters to understand their needs.